“Letters to the Next Creation” is part online devotional, part experiment.

I have been heavily influenced by Andrew Perriman’s thoughts on a narrative-historical approach to reading the Bible’s story.  I have found there is a lot of power for the people of God in recovering the original message of the Bible and using that to inspire and inform how we find our place in God’s story and prophetically tell our own story.  This would be in contrast to the contemporary evangelical tendency to primarily make the Bible about us and our concerns.

However, this way of looking at ourselves and the Bible is not always easy, because I am an American in the 21st century and do not have the same brain background as, say, an Israelite exile in Babylon or a first century Jew in Jerusalem.  Really getting into that original story takes a lot of work, and then appropriating that story to explain the experience of the people of God in the world today can also be a lot of work.

What’s more, producing something more devotional with this as opposed to an exegetical essay or what have you – also work.

There is no way to do this but practice, however, and that’s what this blog is for me.  I will probably get it wrong.  I may write something that I will look back on in five years and shake my head.  That’s ok.  God knows I am just a child bumbling around in my father’s closet wearing his shoes that are too big for me.

But He desires us all to bumble around in this way, for there is no other path to growing up.